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Salade du jour
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Why “5 Pailles”? 
There are multiple reasons why we named the café 5 Pailles!  
The greatest reason is the story of the scene of Romain Duris with his friends in the Cedric Klapisch’s movie La Peril Jeune where they sit in a Parisian café: “Un café avec 5 pailles, madame!” It was a rebellion, it was representing friendship, and it was so much fun! The café we wanted to open was exactly like these!  
What we do and how we do at 5 Pailles? 
We do great coffee and all-day-brunch! So, we decided to open this artisanal coffee shop in the very heart of the most multicultural district of Paris where now we serve coffee from different roasters, which are among the important roasters in Europe (Paris: Lomi, Rotterdam: Shokunin, Berlin: Bonanza, Aarhus: La Cabra etc.) and also a range of delicious home made food! Granola, pancakes, toasts, eggs and pastries are all freshly baked and prepared, all with healthy ingredients.